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Lester R. Smith (also known as SR.Gent) is a passionate Entrepreneur, Artist, Songwriter, and proud Father who dwells in Atlanta, Georgia. Hailing from Tucson, Arizona, his unwavering love for music began early on. The unfortunate loss of his mother..

This is Us!

Welcome To LTP INC, an Independent Artist Development firm destined for greatness in the music industry! Structured as a family while operating as a business. LTP INC owner Lester R. Smith Sr. believes that there are many ways to get things done, but he insist on doing things the right way. The LTP artist roster consist of SR.Gent, CashOnAble, Stefanello, Gutta Terantino, Dtrick Tha Bandit, and Britt each of which delivering styles of music that are rarely seen in today's industry. The artist are debuting out of Atlanta, GA however they are from very different parts of the country. Check out each of the artist's pages and get to know more about them. Welcome to the family!

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