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KenDarius Cortez Gallemore known by the stage name of Gutta Tarentino is an aspiring Rapper and an enthusiastic Hip-Hop artist who holds an immense passion for the art of creating captivating music. Gutta was born on August 27th, 1991 to Leticia Gallemore and Willie “Jai Stroke” Robinson in Macon Ga. Gutta was born at the Macon Coliseum Hospital on Macon’s east side and is the oldest of his 5 brothers and sisters. Gutta faced quite a lot of hardships and struggles growing up and spent a major portion of his early life on the dangerous streets of Macon’s west side in a neighborhood known widely as Bloomfield. Gutta’s early life was greatly influenced by the gangs of Bloomfield and he had to struggle in order to survive. Gutta’s love and admiration for the art of music was his only outlets, but due to the absence of sources and funds, he was bound to only writing. Even during the troubled times, Gutta didn’t lose his passion for music and in a way music motivated him to walk on a road that leads to a better and successful life.

In December of the year 2005, Gutta moved in with his grandmother (Mattie Robinson) because of the troubles in school and switched to the Dunwoody High School. This transfer marked the beginning of a new page in the book of Gutta’s life and later on, in the same year, he got introduced to Hellaspit/LTP family member Steven Stefanello. Steven went on to become his best friend and later on his rapping buddy. Gutta heard Steven rapping in the school cafeteria and on the same day he recorded his first song without a single mistake. This marked the beginning of Gutta’s career as a Hip Hop artist and this experience made him believe in his own skills as a Rapper. From then on, Gutta and Steven worked collectively alongside Steven’s brother Peter (P Blaze) and co-worker Gwayne Mitchell (G-Blacc) and eventually went on to formulate the music group “Hella Spit”.

Gutta always had a diverse taste in music and this in a manner provided him with the required versatility needed to be a promising artist. Gutta like genres ranging from R&B, Rock, and Country but Hip Hop was the one that he felt the strongest connection with. In the beginning of his career, Gutta had a lot to learn and a lot to experience. He started off with hard and grimy style but quickly learned to adapt and learned the wordplay through the assistance of his rapping buddy Steven. Gutta has now learned more diversified styles of Hip Hop music and has learned the traits of aggressive delivery and rewind worthy wordplay.

Gutta released his first solo mixtape in the year 2011 called “The Lost Tape” on Dat Piff and SoundCloud prior to joining LTP INC in 2016. Currently, Gutta is recording his first official album under LTP INC  titled “The Premier” and is set to debut in 2017. 

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