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With high energy, passion, and dominant voice, Dtrick Tha Bandit allows his listener’s inside of his conscious. Filled with so many different characteristics and intellectual philosophies, Tha Bandit explores a very versatile flow. Utilizing different rhyme scenes, Tha Bandit can make music in several different genres. Born on October 15th, 1989 as Zory Dietrich Lyles, in Sandiego, California. Torn from the separation of his parents and drastic demographic change, Dtrick guides us through his experience as a boy who complete lost his path to a man that has now tapped into his greatness and purpose. His message is simple, “find out why God put you here and do it every day, be better than yesterday.” Growing up a small town in Silver Spring, Md of the Metropolitan Dc area, Tha Bandit was quickly affected by drugs and violence in his own home and in his community. His story speaks on his transition from what he calls, “the choice of life and death.” He takes you on a journey that speaks to choices and finding self as he struggled to be his most authentic self while growing up with so many pressures and energy. 

In February of 2017, Tha Bandit linked up with LTP INC. and it completely propelled his career forward. Tha Bandit has a few projects that will be coming out in the year 2017 and plans to introduce his own independent label in 2020. The Bandit is a natural born leader and a hard worker. He has consistently grown as an artist and has the potential to be something very big and impactful in the hip hop community and world as a whole. His words are passionate, genuine and his nature is kind and caring at heart, willing to do what it takes to progress and evolve into greater things and accomplishment. 

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